NAIS Productions was founded in 2016 by Florian Vogel, who has always been an active and passionate writer and wanted to live out his creativity through movies. Due to participating in several workshops as well as producing many short films he has gained a lot of experience in directing, screenwriting and editing.

Florian has worked with many inspiring filmmakers already and is well connected within the Berlin film industry.


The main focus lays on innovative Horror shorts, which have the possibility to be developed to a feature or series. Horror is quite a niche still in Germany, so NAIS Productions wants to bring this genre to everybodys attention. Through short movies like „The Corn“ and „Silence“, which are also distributed via Bloody Disgutings webseries WORLD OF DEATH, first steps have been made. Currently screened by many festivals all around the world is the „The Worry Eater“, playing in the 80s and is seen as a pilot for a whole series.

Since participating at the 99-Fire-Films Award in the beginning of 2018, NAIS Productions also operates the Drama genre. Florian directed „Einsam?“, which has been selected for the Top99 at the above mentioned festival. Additionally, NAIS Productions produced „Illusion of a Happy-Ending“, which covers the topic drug-abusing. The 18min long movie was released in January 2019 on Pantaflix: https://www.pantaflix.com/en/m/762585

NAIS Productions does not only produce shorts but also ad-spots as well as image campaigns for Start-Ups.

If you need a Producer, Director or Screenwriter for your project, please contact us. We are looking forward to collaborate with you!